FB Gallery Driver

Name: James Fitzgerald

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

I was influenced in developing my style by my peers when I first got into drifting. Role models in the Chicago area placed a lot of emphasis on JDM styling, as well as the values of a good looking car to go along with quality craftsmanship. This paired with supportive friends who had the same outlook really made it easy and fun to work towards developing stylish vehicles together. 

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

I first truly got excited about drifting when a couple of friends got cars before I did, and watching them progress as drivers and attending events/streeting hooked me.

What cars influenced your car’s style?

Risky Devil at the time, as well as a lot of japanese teams and drivers. I've always idolized the FREEES cars as well as a bunch of others.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I chose the path I did because of the style. Good looking cars that others who don't like drifting can enjoy looking at. Cars that people who are clueless say "why is it so low", and "why do you drive like that". It has an essence of mystery to those who don't know, and it looks cool in my opinion. Even if it's not everyone's cup of tea, almost everyone likes to look at cool cars. It's also nice to have pride in your own work. 

phase 4 coupe.JPG

Machine Check


Engine: S13 SR20DET Redtrop, normal

Turbo: S15 T28

Footwork: STANCE coilover, HeatMaker Knuckle

Cooling: Koyo radiator

Accesories: Autocollect Storm

phase 2 hatch.JPG